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Burberry has just released its new “Travel Tailoring” video, both on its website, Youtube, and throughout social media. I first saw it in my news feed on Facebook [more]

I really like this article in the Business of Fashion about Instagram and the installations designers are orchestrating at fashion shows that produce “Instagram Moments.[more]

New Year – Time to Learn New Things. Start with Google+

If you do one thing new this year, make “Learning New Things” a top marketing priority. With that learning, you’ll be in a better place to prioritize what re[more]

Need to Grow the LIKES on Your Facebook Page? Try Asking Your Friends! Here’s How

When it comes to growing the number of LIKES on your Facebook Page, nothing beats the power of asking people directly. Start with people you already know are on Facebook and w[more]

Yelp! This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be

“How about going on Yelp and writing a negative review about them?” the salesman asked me about a competing retail store.  Only, until that moment, I didn’t[more]

4 Questions: Is a Facebook Page the Right Answer for You?

I think it surprises people when I tell them they may not want to set up a Facebook Page. At least, not right away. There’s a presumption that because I spend a lot of t[more]

3 Tips about Family Business Realities from a Once-Upon-A-Time Teenage Secretary

If you don’t count babysitting and delivering papers, I began my career above Packett’s Lake Pharmacy in Chevy Chase, Maryland, at a small, family-owned business n[more]

Oops! I just sent the default LinkedIn Invitation Request to my Entire Mailing List! Now what?

In the land of social media there are more missed opportunities than mistakes. This article is about a common one – clicking too fast. Even though it’s best practi[more]

Lafayette CA and LinkedIn — Profile Growth since 2010

Back in September 2010, when I taught the very first workshop in the Lafayette Chamber’s Social Media Strategies for Local Business series at the Lafayette Library and L[more]

3 Reasons this Facebook Post about 3 Brothers at La Fiesta Square Works

Meet the O’Hara Brothers, the Facebook Post. I met Kenny, John and Dennis by chance at La Fiesta Square Thursday morning and immediately knew — the people on the L[more]